[ἀμφίβίος] noun.

Derived from the Ancient Greek term amphibios, which means "both kind of life". An amphibian is cold-bloded vertebrate that can live both on land and in water  [...]

54° 56′ 0″ S, 67° 37′ 0″

"There are men
half fish, half wind,
there are other men made of water.
I am made of earth and water. "
Pablo Neruda

Amphibia showcases fashion with an obscure attitude. Fashion from the end of the world, at the end of the world.


From a far away place on the map, located at the southernmost point of America, with the largest coast and the coldest and strongest sea currents. A contrasting and bipolar place, made of sea and mountains, deserts and polar areas, calm waters and violent oceans, earth people, water people, earth & water people. 

We found beauty in coldness and darkness, exploring new ideas that shape how we understand beauty today. 

For us, the contemporary aesthetics is defined  by antagonistic to optimism times, where nothing (or everything) is predictable and time seems to be limited.

Amphibia is our way of exploring contemporary visual aesthetics through clothing, at anxiety, uncertain and unpredictable times.

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