_a place for fashion designers
from the end of the world

Based in Santiago, Chile

Amphibia is digital fashion platform that

looks to promove chilean fashion designers in the global market. Our platform seeks to explore and enhance the visual and narrative limits of how fashion is communicated online, becoming an international showcase where chilean fashion designers can experiment under the curatorship of the platform through the creation of digital content.

This platform works on how to connect national talents with the international fashion industry and allows creatives to connect, share their work and get discovered in the global market.

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_what we do

The world of fashion has been in constant change during the last decade. Today, we are living in the digital era, where we recibe nearly 5.000 images a day. With the creation of social networks, visual content has begun to play a fundamental role in the world of fashion. Today, there are many instances that demonstrate the mediatization of this world and the relevance of digital content, like how everything is now think for Instagram. Runways, scenarios, make up and even the clothes are some examples that show how fashion is now thought on "Instagram moments".

That´s why we are focusing on the creation of digital content, exploring different digital formats to present fashion online. Considering how "digitally narrative" fashion has become in the past years, collaboration with creatives from different areas is esencial for us.

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